What To Do If No Sound On Firestick When Watching IPTV

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What To Do If No Sound On Firestick When Watching IPTV

We have seen an increasing number of threads being made online about some amazon firestick models having no sound sometimes while watching IPTV so during this guide we decided to offer you some solutions which will fix the difficulty if you ever encounter it.

This is an equivalent also for the hearth TV and therefore the newer Fire TV Cube because it is for the amazon firestick we cover during this guide.

Make Sure TV Volume Is On

Ok we all know this is often obviously the primary thing you’d of checked but a number of you’ll have your TV on mute so it’s always worth checking by simply turning up the quantity on your TV this may close up mute and also turn the TV volume up ready for subsequent steps.

Restart The Firestick App

The issue could also be the app you’re in has a problem or something has crashed within the app therefore the next step is to force restart the app you’ll do that by following the below

  1. Press the home button on the remote
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to Applications
  4. Go to Manage Installed Applications
  5. Find the iptv app (or other) that was giving you no sound
  6. Choose force close
  7. Now launch the same app

If this didn’t time period to maneuver to subsequent steps

Make sure you employ the Best IPTV app by following our guide here

Check The Audio Settings Of The Firestick

Sometimes the difficulty are often an audio setting has been activated so it’s worth turning this off to ascertain if it resolves the no sound issue so to try to to this follow the below

  1. Press home button on the remote
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to display & sounds
  4. Go to Audio
  5. Go to Dolby Digital Output
  6. Turn OFF Dolby Digital Output

Ok now return within the app and see if you get sound now if not move to subsequent step.

See If there’s A Update For The Firestick

You want to see for updates every now and again to form sure your firestick is running at its best performance and fix any issues or bugs which may include the no sound problem you’re having. to try to to this follow the below

  1. Press home button on firestick remote
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to system
  4. Go to about
  5. Select software version
  6. Select check for system update

This will update the firestick (or other amazon devices) to form sure it’s running to the simplest performance it can and to iron out any bugs together with your device.

Reinstall The App you’re Getting No Sound In

You may got to delete the app and reinstall the app so to try to to this follow the below

  1. Press home button on the firestick
  2. Go to settings
  3. Go to applications
  4. Go to manage installed applications
  5. Find the IPTV app (or other) which is giving you no sound
  6. Select uninstall
  7.  Now go to the app store and re-install the same app

This may have solved the difficulty if not its time to maneuver to the ultimate step of our guide which is check outside the firestick itself for any physical damage to the device or cables.

Check The Cable Connections

You will want to unplug the firestick and switch off at the wall plug then unplug the HDMI cable and check the HDMI cable for any breakages or fraying also check the ends of the HDMI cable to form sure they’re still solid and soldered to cable.

Once you see the HDMI is ok you’ll plug back to both TV (ideally use a special HDMI slot) then plug into the firestick. It are often worth employing a different HDMI cable to rule out the difficulty being inside the cable where you’ll not see or a nasty HDMI cable.

If the cable seems fine and works on other HDMI devices then its time for the ultimate step below

Try Your Firestick On a special TV

What you’ll want to try to to is power off your firestick and now take it to a totally different TV in your house or maybe a friends house and now plug it in with a replacement HDMI cable that’s plugged into another working HDMI device on the TV.

Doing the above may be a sure-fire thanks to see if the firestick is guilty and if it doesn’t work with a replacement TV and cable and power line if you’ve got one spare then its time to start out brooding about sending the firestick back if still under warranty.

We hope this guide has helped you furthermore may a fast mention if you’ve got tried the above and still no sound on just 1 app its always good to succeed in bent the app provider support whether that’s an IPTV provider or the other app you’ll always email their support to also check.

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